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1928 International Six Speed Special

Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2020 12:58 am
by 6SpeedSpecial
In May of 2017, I purchased a 1928 International Harvester Six Speed Special.  I had been looking for one for a while.  No really agressively, but looking non the less.  International made these Trucks for just over 2 years.  From 1928 to early 1930.  These 1-ton trucks where very popular.  I like to say that they really started International in the smaller truck market.  They used a Waukesha XA L-head 4 cylinder engine.  They also used an Eaton 2-speed rear axel.  So they had 6 foward speeds and 2 reverse speeds, hence the name Six Speed Special.  This truck came from Eastern Nebraska.  I purchased it on an auction.  I had not title.  Luckly on the steering column was an old registration from 1947.  To get a title for a vehicle in Nebraska for a truck older than 1940, you need to have a bill of sale, then do a title search and make sure it has not been registered in 30 years.  I did the title search and it turns out the last time it was registered was that 1947 registration.  I had to have a Sheriff's inspection.  He came and looked at the truck to verify the serial number (vin number) matched my title search.  The serial number was on the passenger side just in front of the door.  Well it needed to be more permanent then that.  Well knowing International like I do they also stamp the serial number on the frame right in front of the driverside front wheel.  So I had that.  Bingo title is mine. 

My goal here is to help document the trucks restoration as I move forward.  I have got some things done and I will post photos of that.  Hopefully we can start posting videos on this site to help document parts of this restoration.  For now I will post some of the photos I took when I got the truck.  I will do another post with some photos after I got it home.

Here it is on the day I purchased it.  I got some spare parts.
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And Here are some of the photos of my spare parts I got.
Engine.jpg (82.06 KiB) Viewed 2182 times
Wheels.jpg (92.17 KiB) Viewed 2182 times
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