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Title: Welcome to!
Post by: RustyBucket on February 27, 2017, 02:38:24 PM
I want to take this time to welcome you to the Forum!

Years ago, I setup the site to share my love of the Classic American Pickup Truck.  We had a pretty lively forum back then and a lot of members.

After about 5 years, the software I was using at the time got hacked into and one thing lead to another and I shut it down.

I got nostalgic about it lately and decided to give a shot at bringing it back.

So here it is, I hope you will join us and contribute any info/knowledge or builds you may have going on.

Title: Re: Welcome to!
Post by: 54R112 on April 05, 2017, 07:17:58 PM
I have a stupid question:   On the various postings, at the left side of the page, there are several symbols------padlock, clipboard (I think), and a couple others that I can't quite figure out.  I've tried putting my cursor on them, to click & see what they reveal, but they don't respond to the cursor.  What gives with that? 
I wouldn't mind getting involved with the   "Discussion"    forum, but  ( for me ate least ),  the site doesn't seem very  "user-friendly".   I'm the first to admit that I'm a dinosaur, and not very computer-literate----------like I said, I consider this question to be pretty dumb, cause I'm sure lots of guys  (and gals)  will read this posting and mutter,  "What cave did this guy just crawl out of?!!"   But, if things on the screen won't even respond by turning the cursor arrow into a cursor "hand", and show what's behind those  "doors", then I just log out and move on to another site.   :-\
Anyhow, that's my dumb question for the day.  Thanks for indulging me !
Title: Re: Welcome to!
Post by: RustyBucket on April 06, 2017, 09:21:47 AM
Believe me, there is no such thing as a stupid question on this forum!

Do you mean the icon just to the left of the subject?  If so, those are just smiley's one can add to the reply or message.

The padlock means the subject has been locked.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Title: Re: Welcome to!
Post by: 54R112 on April 06, 2017, 11:08:40 PM
Okay,..........the padlock means the subject has been   "locked".........what does that mean?----locked, so that I, nor anybody else, can see it??
locked, so that it can't be inadvertently deleted??      locked, to protect it from.....??......something dangerous??      Who locks it?  Does it ever get  "unlocked" ??   If so, under what circumstances ??
See what I mean?----I'm completely ignorant regarding website  "lingo".   But I can't believe there aren't other dinosaurs out there, reading my dumb questions, and thinking to themselves,  "Yeah, what DOES that mean?"
Once again, thanks for your indulgence !!!
Title: Re: Welcome to!
Post by: RustyBucket on April 07, 2017, 08:11:28 AM
Locked means that users can no longer post to the topic.  Kind of like shutting down the topic. 

I will most likely use that option if it is just an announcement of some kind.  It can also be used if things get out of hand and we want to cool things off.

I can also sticky things so that they always show up at the top of the forum.  We would us this for important things we want to have users see and not require them to search through a long list of topics.

Another good source for information is the "Help" menu item at the top.  In particular the "Posting Section" section.

And always, just post a question here and I will try to answer it to the best of my ability.