New Tech Notes Section

We have added a new Tech Notes Section to the main web site.  Our first article is a Tech Note on the dis-assembly of a A-727 automatic transmission for rebuild.

Scout II Service Manual and Parts Manual

Whenever you take on a restoration/revitalization project, it is important to have good manuals and documentation.

Scout II Service ManualWhen I did the IHC S100 restoration back in the late 90’s, I got my service manual and parts manual from Scott at Binder Books.  Scott is no longer with us, but his company still lives on.

So yesterday, I ordered a service manual (CTS-2304) and parts manual (MT-130) for the Scout II’s we are working on. These are high quality reprints made under license from the originals. I got in just under the deadline for their 10% May discount so the total cost with shipping was just under $150.00.  This may be the most important investment we make for these projects.